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Efficacy Soursop Leaf Water Decoction Yang Strikes

Khasiat Air Rebusan Daun SirsakEfficacy of soursop leaves boiled water does lately are unfolding. It turns soursop leaves boiled water can be used as a herbal ingredients to treat various diseases. Soursop leaf is easily found all around us, and in Indonesia for the soursop is not difficult to grow. Apparently God has prepared a very powerful drug of soursop leaf

Efficacy Soursop Leaf decoction Water For Healing Cancer

Efficacy of soursop leaves boiled water first is to cure the cancer and could also as a precaution. Soursop or Graviola leaves contain anti-cancer substances called Annonaceous acetogenin, which can kill cancer cells without disturbing other healthy cells in
the human body. Lately more and more people are testimony that after regular drinking water with cancer soursop leaf decoction can be lost. For cancer treatments is to boil 10 pieces of old soursop leaves (dark green). The amount of water approximately 3 gelasr (600 cc). Boil the water and continue to evaporate and stay about 1 or 1.5 cups (200cc) only. Of water to 1 cup filtered and drunk to patients every day 2 times, morning and afternoon. But for must of course continue to monitor developments in consultation with a doctor.

The effects of drinking boiled water soursop leaves usually stomach will feel warm / hot, and sweaty bodies continue, similar to the effect chemoteraphy. All you have to remember that this drug is herbal medicine, so the effect is not healing quickly, meaning that after drinking routine for approximately 3-4 weeks soursop leaves boiled water properties of the new look. Signs of this herbal medicine membasik including patient condition improved, began to indulge again, and upon inspection lab / doctor turns the cancer cells begin to die and dry up, while the other cells which grow like hair, nails, etc. others not at all disturbed. If you are googling on the internet been many testimonials of cancer patients using herbal remedies this. Now there are several companies that sell drugs Graviola or soursop leaves in capsule form, making it easier and practical drunk.

This is one example of soursop leaf capsules that have been extracted and taken oil alone, I recommend this herbal medicine because soursop leaf extract 100% natural and powerful properties. For more details click on the picture below

Efficacy of soursop leaves boiled water other 
In certain areas of information about the efficacy of soursop leaf For generations inherited. Soursop leaves used by Indonesian people to treat several diseases. As an example, the community of Sunda (West Java) using current soursop leaves and fruit that is still young for high blood pressure-lowering drugs, while the Acehnese people using soursop leaf to treat a cough. Meanwhile, in South Sulawesi, soursop leaves can be used for lowering the heat. Even now there are doctors and herbalists who prescribe soursop leaf to address several diseases. Not only in the country, in the State lainpun soursop leaves and fruit are not only used as food, but is also used for medicinal and natural pesticides.

The main function of the soursop leaf kill pancreatic cancer cells, lung, kidney, pancreas, breast, prostate, and colon, leukemia, while other uses are:
- Eliminates free radicals, cancer cell drying, curing inflammation in the body, and especially the patients in order to improve the stamina of the body is not weak.

- Curing inflammation, such as strep throat, intestines, digestion, constipation, and diabetes.
-Prevents And cure gout

- Curing disease is high levels of bad cholesterol.
- For men, increasing the number of soursop leaves and strengthen sperm.
- Enhance immunity.

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